Vibrating Panties

If you are looking to spice up the relationship with your partner we want to recommend something really fun, amusing and pleasurable. We also have to warn you that the side effects of this leads to hot sex as this will massively tease her with pleasure. Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce you to vibrating panties. Imagine you persuade your girlfriend to where the vibrating panties to a dinner with friends. Only you and her know that she is wearing them and you have the controller to turn the vibration on and off. Let the sexy adventure unfold before both of you, the fact that they are also crotch less for easy access may reveal a spontaneous sex endeavor, or just plain pleasure torture until you both get home full off horny endorphins and just BANG. We suggest creating some rules such as duration and repetition so you do not piss her off with over abusing it.   Massive selection of vibrating panties at Lucid Persona. Check them out.

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