Pistol Crossbow

Looking for a pistol crossbow? Lucid Persona carries them along with all sorts of steel candy including swords, Airsoft guns, Air Guns, knives and more. But, back to this arrow projectile weapon, you can use two double handed. That is like Val Helsing styles, if that is how you spell has name. The chick in Diablo computer game has double crossbows, modern age double pistol crossbows. Best to practice in the backyard with a large secured backstop. Practice aim and precision, over and over.

Where you use the large crossbows or not, the mini pistol crossbow should be on every shooters list. How great is it to have a pistol like weapon where you can reuse the bullets. Think doomsday, think survival, ultimate weapon to have in your collection.


Buy the crossbow pistol at Lucid Persona. Sorry UK, you are shit out of luck, USA only.

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