Highway To Heaven

Highway To Heaven

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Professor: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st
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Linguistics Organic Search Engine Theory (LOSE-T), is the taxonomic disambiguation of linguistics ambiguity in search query. It’s a system of ideas centered around the general principle of classifications; by contextualizing the qualities and characteristics of keywords through the subsets of linguistics. Primarily, Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics, Psycholinguistics and Sociolinguistics. The disambiguation of keywords ambiguity is contingent on a myriad of linguistic factors; examples– (1) Curating a Lexemes Inexactness and Uncertainty into Taxonomies; (2) Differentiating Between Denotational and Connotational Attribute’s; (3) Augmenting Infinite Variables and Contextual Sensitivity; (4) Establishing an Unequivocal Equilibrium Between Ambiguous Variances. These methods will induce search query impartiality in Natural Language Processing (NLP), and resolve the open problem in Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD).


Search Engine Optimization (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Derivational & Inflectional Morphology

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Metaphor, Analogy, Metonyms

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Polysemy, Capitonym, Monosemy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Homonyms, Homophones, Homographs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Segmental & Suprasegmental Phonology

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Paronyms, Hyponyms, Meronyms, Hypernyms

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Onomatopoeia, Denotation And Connotation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Heteronyms, Heterographs, Orthographic Units

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Cuneiform, Pictographs, Ideographs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Logographs, Hieroglyphics, Phonographic Units

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Acronyms, Abbreviations, Initialisms

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Anthropomorphism, Personification, Typography

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Holonyms, Synonyms, Antonyms, Taxonomy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Prefix, Suffix, Affix, Infix, Morphemes

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), (SERP), (NLP), Taxonomic Framework To Encoding Natural Language Processing, (NLP)

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