Top­Notch Tips to Build a Logo for Your Specific Brand/Identity

Top­Notch Tips to Build a Logo for Your Specific Brand/Identity

Designing a logo for your business is one of the finest ways for creating awareness of

your products and/or services you offer for sale. That is to say, you need to build brand’s

logo that will infiltrate into the market as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, if you create

logos that are poorly designed, there are there high chances that it will negatively impact

your business or operations.

Naturally, having a logo for your brand is a savvy way of defining your business to your

external audience and customers. It leads to better identity/brand differentiation which

leads to a significant increase in product sales. In addition, a brand logo leads to

advocacy, loyalty, and ultimately protects your products’ prices during such times when

your competitors are driving sales based on promotional discounts. Furthermore, it gives

an ideal platform from which to extend your product range or offering. Well, what are

some of the stunning tips on how to successfully implement a logo for your specific brand

or identity?

Here are top­notch tips you never knew when designing a brand logo:

#1. Start by defining your identity/brand

First and foremost, you need to review the kind of services or products your business is

offering for sale. From there, pinpoint the available space in the market, research on

market competitors, define your rational & emotive needs that concerns your

customers. In fact, your brand’s character is other only virtue needed to promote your

business as well as differentiating you in the market.

#2. Is your logo appropriate?

Well, after defining your brand, it is the time to ascertain if the appropriateness of brand’s

logo. Ideally, a logo design should be an integral part of product branding/identity and it should bring that consistent feeling

that naturally fits with all of your other visual assets. In other words, a logo need to be

appropriate just like the symbol of your business or company­that is, it should bring the

authenticity to your industry. Indeed, you need to carefully symbols to avoid unforeseen

disconnect between your customers and their perception to your services or products.

#3. Keep it clear

If you are designing brand logo, you need not to compromise it clarity by applying some

special effects such as beveling, drop shadows or patterns. Indeed, there are high

chances that subtitle effects can be distorted or lost across platforms or devices, which

reduces the effectiveness of a fine logo design.

#4. Clever use of colors

As a matter of fact, color theory is one of the most complex field of art and

design, but people who understand the color basics are able to use it to their best and

advantage over the others. Naturally, in the hierarchy of visual consciousness, human

beings retain colors more than anything else. In other words, color carry huge meaning

and create an immediate impression of your products’ identity or brand. For instance,

yellow and orange gives a customer the feeling of energy and fun, while gray and blue

inspires authority and trust. Moreover, the intensity of colors on a logo convey meaning.

Therefore, playing around with distinct colors makes brands more recognizable.

#5. Simplicity

Simplicity is one of the key factors to consider when a designing a business logo for a

specific brand/identity. It needs to be as optimal as possible with a balanced use of color,

shape, form, clarity and consistency, which creates a striking visual construal that makes

the brand logo stand out.

#6. Dare to be different

As stated earlier, defining your brands will start you off. But, if you are operating in a

business where there are indistinguishable competitors, then you need to think smart

while designing a logo for your brands. In other words, you need to dare to be different! It

is inevitable that you ought to distinguish yourself by just unleashing a distinctive logo

style. It is advisable that you try a variety of different logo styles and find the one that suits

your brands.


Naturally, the list of some of the factors you need to consider when designing a logo for

your brands or identity is just endless. However, the aforementioned are some of the

great tips that will help you build a good logo that will ultimately advance the awareness of

your business to another level.

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